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Clean up WordPress admin notices

Admin Notices Boss is a WordPress plugin that can hide admin notices or move them to a special panel.


Screenshot of three different admin notices that all have "hide forever" links added by the plugin

Hide notices

Hide individual admin notices for yourself, for everyone, or for specific roles. Optionally, let other users hide notices for themselves. Works with most plugins that use standard admin notice hooks.

Combined screenshot of the Toolbar dropdown, the collapsible panel next to the "Screen Options" button, and the collapsible panel on its own

Stash and centralize notices

Move some or all notices to a less obtrusive location: either a Toolbar dropdown or a collapsible panel. By default, the panel or the Toolbar item only shows the number of notices. Open it to view the notices. You can also set the plugin to show hidden notices in the custom location.

Screenshot of the "Defaults" settings tab showing a table of different notice types and selected actions

Set default rules

Set the default action for all notices or different notice types (info, warning, error, etc). For example, you can show error notices normally and move all other notices to the Toolbar dropdown. As an admin, you can also set different defaults for yourself and for other users.

Screenshot of the "Hide notice" dialog. Shows advanced user filter settings and a small part of the notice matching criteria settings.

Use advanced filters

Optionally, use advanced settings to hide a notice for everyone except you, for certain roles, or for users that have/don’t have a specific capability. Edit notice matching criteria to hide notices based on the plugin, keywords in notice content, notice ID, and PHP callback name.

Screenshot of the "Hidden Notices" table. You can edit settings for notices that you've hidden in the past, or reset them by deleting them from this table.

Manage hidden notices

View all hidden notices and unhide individual notices by deleting them from the list. Edit notice settings after hiding it. Optionally, let other users manage notices that they’ve hidden.


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